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Recently, while facilitating some key conversations around a client’s bylaws rewrite we spent some time discussing their membership.

During the conversation the topic of organizational high-jacking came up.

High-jacking is when a group forms to act as a block and take over the democratic process of an organization or governing body to push forward a personal agenda.

The difficulty is balance. You want to structure your bylaws in a way that encourage individuals who have concerns to be able to step in correct them but prevent individual who are driven by values that are different then the organizations.

After the conversation one of the participants sent me this story: A Not-So-Simple Majority

Totally worth listening too.

One of the parts that stood out for me way reflecting on the original design of the structure. One interviewee commented: “You want our money and our silence. Sorry, you cannot have it all your way.” Was the group right in what they did? Well that all depends on whose side you are on.


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